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Friday had pho with friends then saw 'Star Trek' again while michael saw the new Terminator. if you have not seen Star Trek you need to! Spock it hot ^_^

on sat. i went dress shopping with friends from work at 'i do bridle and tux' and that was fun ^_^ then we ate and went to do more dress shopping at PARROT-fa-NALIA (the place i got 2 out of 3 prom dresses) and the lady that was helping us was all rude and did really have anything and was criticizing me for shopping so early for the dress since i would be the size i am now for the wedding. and that ticked me off and she was all rude to my friend when they tried to help me with the dresses saying they didn't work there so they should leave it to her. so we only really stayed there for about 30 min or so before i just wanted to leave.

besides dress shopping haven't done much else but bum around, nap, and play v-games.

maro we are going to do our mound of laundry and do some shopping.

oh! and in June from the 12th to the 19th we are going to Hawaii! i still feel like i really shouldn't be spending the money to go but we already bought the airline tickets so i'm going anyway ^_^ i really hope this doesn't come a bite me in the butt later *sigh*

on Monday i need to call all the utility people and get the bills all switched over to my name. i REALLY REALLY don't want to and wish i could just have someone else do it for me but that wont happen.

and then next weekend is the Bel Air wide garage sale day so we are going to try to have one with lots of help from Holly and her mommy ^_^


that is all ^_^

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Good to hear you're doing alright~ Sorry about the bitchy dress lady, that totally sucks D:

I'm glad you two are going to Hawaii, you'll have a blast. Take lots of pictures!

I can't believe that dress shop lady acted that way. First, this is not the economy to be ticking off customers. Second, you're a "big girl" who can decide when you're ready to shop for something. Third, dresses can be altered if needed so back off, lady.

Enjoy your vacation :-) My icon is of a sunset while Mike & I were in Maui.

i know! that lady was just being a B. XP

the pic is so pretty!

So when exactly is your wedding going to be, Ash? How would the dress lady know you were gonna change sizes til then?

I just watched the video of the proposal. How cute was that?! My heart was racing ^^

the wedding is june 26th 2010 ^_^ and most brides try to loss weight before there big day to look there best :P

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