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hey guys!

i've been wondering about something

our wedding and after party are in the same building and we will already have to do the normal wedding pictures before the party and i don't want to make people wait, and i have a feeling the party will go on for a while and i don't think we will have time after, so when will i have time to do outdoor pictures?

i have no idea when we can do it cuz we obviously can't do it before. i'm almost thinking we might have to do it the next day, but i wont look as pretty :(

so what should i do?

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we were thinking an afternoon wedding. but we can't do it before cuz Michael's not suppose to see me in my dress till i'm walking up

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*sigh* true...we'll just have to think of something

Even though the reception is in the same building, people will understand if you take the time to do the photos between the wedding and reception (they'll want to take their own pics of you guys also). The photographer can do some of the shots beforehand - like you with your side of the family and Michael with his side of the family. You with the maid of honor/bridesmaids; Michael with his best man/groomsmen.

There are a lot of people who do all of the photos before the wedding, but I've never been comfortable with that myself.

Perhaps we'll just have come up with something to entertain the people downstairs while the pics are being taken after the wedding. I know at many receptions the bride/groom put disposable cameras on tables so that the guests can all take pics of each other so that you can have those candid shot memories as well. We can put together photo albums of the two of you and pass those around for people to ogle at. I'm sure we can come up with other things as well.

And remember, ultimately this day is for you and Michael, do what makes the two of you happy - the rest of us will adjust :-)

awww thanks ^_^ i'm starting to think i like doing more pics the next day best cuz then we have more time to go where ever we want

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